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  • 12-19,The manager of sk-flang Alex received an interview from Shandong TV sattion.

    12-19,The manager of sk-flang Alex received an interview from Shandong TV sattion.

  • Carbon steel flange installation considerations

    Carbon steel flange installation precautions To understand, the first place to check is the pipe, fittings and aprons. Is it qualified and can clean the seal in the socket face?

  • How to distinguish between forged flange and cast flange

    Both cast flanges and forged flanges are common manufacturing methods for flanges. Forged flanges are produced on the basis of cast steel flanges and are much stronger than cast steel flanges.

  • Knowledge about threaded flanges

    Threaded flanges are used to connect the flanges and the pipe wall by threads, which produce less additional stress on the pipe wall. Commonly used in high pressure pipelines.

  • Wooden packing

    Wooden box packaging is to use wooden packaging containers to protect the items to be protected, wooden box packaging was originally a packaging product to facilitate the transport and storage, for some of the easily damaged items in the transport and storage with a wooden packaging container for reinforcement, Play a protective role.