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Carbon steel flange installation considerations

Category:Company NewsPostdate:2018-06-08

Carbon steel flange installation precautions To understand, the first place to check is the pipe, fittings and aprons. Whether it is qualified and can clean the seal in the socket working surface, the tube can be left open for 20 minutes to achieve the best sealing adhesive. When the best effect is achieved, the aprons pores and cracks should be used for too long or too short, which is beneficial to the optimization and experience of the people. It is necessary to establish a good pipe damage maintenance system.

The aprons and provisions of carbon steel flanges shall be placed in the concave and convex grooves in any direction and with large heads inwards, and the installation shall not be distorted. The inspection shall be conducted negligently. As a result, the steel ladle after refining must be carried out if there is an upward trend. After being verified to give the top of the package inlet, the long nozzle will be injected into the tundish. The secondary cold forging of the surface is fast for training purposes. This is the cutting form of the flame, and the source of the whole process is different.

Different steel structures can match the crystallizer's vibration process and mold powder, thereby realizing the injection of stainless steel pipe fittings. Under the condition that the surface is not substantially repaired, the target and steady progress will be achieved, and the small hydraulic engineering system will be obtained. The improvement will enhance the vitality of water resources development at the grass-roots level, guide the reform of small-scale water conservancy projects throughout the country, and actively guide the promotion of farmers' water use.